Forty Shades of Blue Movie - Forty Shades Movie
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Forty Shades of Blue Movie

forty shades of blue movie review

Forty Shades of Blue Movie

Let’s all agree that drunks turns out to be such an imperial pain in the ass. The ones who fall down have a tendency to be funny or tragic or even both, which stops them from being totally boring.In any case, how would you live with a drinker who turned out to be arduously persuaded of his own incredible significance, and perspectives the other people in his life through a glass, in such a dark way!

Forty Shades of Blue Movie 2005 Full Cast

Considering “Alan James” as the main subject of “Ira Sachs” movie “Forty Shades of Blue”. He is definitely considered as a legend in Memphis. He was responsible for instruments in R&B, Blues, and the interracial union of country. We can’t say that forty shades of blue movie reviewthe music produced was really interesting, but it did sell to consumers who didn’t know much about anything. As the movie begins with “Alan” being honored at a feast, where mostly everyone except for him was being there as a duty. Uncommonly, how he has little connection with any of the guests, aside from that tarty tramp that he leaves with.

He took his girlfriend “Laura” with him to the feast. He met “Laura” in Moscow, when he worked as translator for his group of English-Speaking businessmen. Later on, she moved with him to “Memphis” in a house where she thinks is a luxurious home! And maybe he thinks the same too. But from a personal point of view, it’s furnished like some sort of a show home in the 70s.

After the end of the feast, Laura waits for some time, holding up in the bar, yet “Alan” has vanished.I wouldn’t say she got abandoned, because that would be terrible enough. We can say she was left behind, and forgotten. As she gets back home, she realizes it’s not the first time something like this happens to her.

Laura has gone through a lot of bad things in her life, and we can tell that. She puts up with almost everything that Alan does, because she has been putting up with even worse during her life. But let’s ask a good question. How does Alan put up with his own self? How would he feel when his son “Michael” whom he brought to life from a previous marriage, comes to his town? Let’s not forget that Michael has seen his dad in his worst conditions, and maybe also saw his mother putting up to Alan’s shit, exactly like Laura right now. Having that said, we can tell that Michael has no hard feelings towards Laura, as he knows she’s a victim, just like he is, and like how his mother was. They’re all living in a house of an emotional drama.

Best Scene in Forty Shades of Blue 2005 Movie

There is a dominated scene, where Alan throws a party at his backyard. Barbeque, and some cool live music. The guests of his forty shades of blue movie onlinecame to represent a cross-sectionfor the Memphis music communities, of all colors, and ages.They all got one thing in common which is an endless lack of concern to Alan. Watching him travel through this social event like a phantom at a dinner. While making his speech, he tried to make things up with Laura, but what he doesn’t really realize is that he is only embarrassing her in public again, as he is completely not aware of how human emotion goes. He was totally ignorant of her feelings.

There is some sort of sharpness in Alan’s character. And yes in case you’re wondering, he and Laura had a child named “Sam”. And of course like any father, he feels love towards his son, but it’s not the type of love that we feel towards our children. It’s nothing but a generic love, only because he is his SON! There is no clue that it’s made of fine love ingredients. Alan’s heart seems incapable of feeling the emotions that we feel during our days. His day consists of drinking, but not too much drinking, so that he’d be able to follow his normal daily routine with even a little of conscious mind. His relationships with the people around him covers it. He would like to commit his days to being wonderfully sloshed.forty shades of blue book movie

The story later on converts to being Laura’s story, in the light of the fact that she can feel, and she could change. The real question to ask her is; what’s the emotional cost she’s willing to pay for a comfortable life in Memphis? Because from a personal perspective it seems overpriced. Sometimes Alan tries to work some sentimental gestures on her by touching her gently, but it no longer works on her. She is in a different dimension from where Alan lives. They both live in different dimensions.

Forty Shades of Blue” has won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2005. From a personal perspective, I’ve hated Alan’s character so much that at some point I forgot it was only acting. So for sure there was supposed to an award for such a pleasant acting, a type of acting that makes you forget it’s even acting. The movie gives a lesson to everyone out there, drinking too much doesn’t only affect you. It also affects the people around you in such a way they won’t be able to forgive you one day. It’s one of the movies that you should watch online, I’m pretty much sure it’s available as a free movie online.

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