Best Indie Movies of 2016 — So Far - Forty Shades Movie
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Best Indie Movies of 2016 — So Far

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Best Indie Movies of 2016 — So Far

Every passing year, the line between independent and mainstream films appear to get thinner. Many independent films are starting to get more predictable since a lot of indie movies are losing their touch of originality. But these 5 movies we’ll be mentioning will give us a paramount break from Hollywood’s rooted foreseeability.

The Witch

The hottest topic movie to play at the ’15 Sundance Film Festival, The Witch earned the Best Director Price under the U.S. Narrative Competition. It was once the most anticipated independent spine-chiller movie of 2016, and it definitely did not let us down. This film mainly performed by an amazing newcomer Anya Taylor-Joy is a work of art by the writer/director Robert Eggers.

The Fits

Short but sweet running at 72 minutes, this Anna Rose Holmer film details the story of an 11-year-old boxer through body language. She joins a dance drill team at a nearby recreational center. Toni was surprised to discover her new teammates unexplainably from episodes of hysterical seizures. There is no dialogue at all but Royalty Hightower did a good job to land on our list.

Midnight Special

Midnight Special may be a low-budget science-fiction movie, but the concept is certainly deserving of a mainstream blockbuster. This indie film by Mud director Jeff   Nichols shadows Roy and his kid as they run away from local, and then from the federal officers after realizing his boy possesses special powers.

A War

According to Rotten Tomatoes Top Critic Peter Keough, A War may be “one of the best war movies ever.” This is already a big accomplishment especially with most parts closer to a courtroom drama.A War tells the story of a Danish military company based in Afghanistan who discover themselves forced down by the Taliban.


After several months of trying to get a permission from the communist government of Laos, Writer/Director Jamie M. Dagg was finally able to shoot his indie film, River in their beautiful but poor country. The film follows an NGO doctor named John Lake who accidentally beats her Aussie mugger to death after coming across a local woman being sexually assaulted. After fleeing, he discovered that he’s not just wanted for the murder of the guy, who was apparently the son of a Senator, but also for the rape victim he just helped.

  • Alexa
    Posted at 17:39h, 11 July Reply

    Jamie Dagg is the most talented movie writer/producer fleshed in one body! The River is my choice

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